My Daily Horoscope - Aries - 1st decan

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string(15) "Sunday,+April+5"

Sunday, April 5

string(22) "A+shoulder+to+lean+on+"

A shoulder to lean on

string(340) "You’re+a+tower+of+strength,+and+others+look+to+you+for+protection+and+comfort.+You+patiently+find+the+right+words+to+make+unhappy+friends+smile+again.+Even+though+this+is+reward+enough,+you+need+to+take+time+for+yourself,+spend+some+time+alone,+to+free+yourself+from+any+troublesome+emotions+or+otherwise,+have+support+from+somebody+too.+"

You’re a tower of strength, and others look to you for protection and comfort. You patiently find the right words to make unhappy friends smile again. Even though this is reward enough, you need to take time for yourself, spend some time alone, to free yourself from any troublesome emotions or otherwise, have support from somebody too.

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