My Daily Horoscope - Aries - 1st decan

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string(16) "Monday,+August+3"

Monday, August 3

string(17) "Bury+the+hatchet+"

Bury the hatchet

string(357) "This+period+is+characterized+by+your+undeniable+composure+and+self-assurance+in+the+way+you+deal+with+others.+People+who+previously+had+unfriendly+feelings+towards+you+react+positively,+and+it+is+easy+to+forget+old+grudges+and+overcome+any+previous+resentments.+You+find+everyone+is+happier+when+hostilities+are+finally+forgotten+and+consigned+to+the+past.+"

This period is characterized by your undeniable composure and self-assurance in the way you deal with others. People who previously had unfriendly feelings towards you react positively, and it is easy to forget old grudges and overcome any previous resentments. You find everyone is happier when hostilities are finally forgotten and consigned to the past.

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