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string(15) "Monday,+July+24"

Monday, July 24

string(18) "Close+friendships+"

Close friendships

string(360) "The+relationships+within+your+close+circle+of+friends+deepen+and+lead+to+some+unforgettable+experiences.+Especially+in+your+most+important+relationships+where+you’re+more+closely+bound,+very+positive+processes+built+up+over+time+come+to+fruition+with+incredible+swiftness,+cementing+relationships+even+more.+Accept+everyone+as+they+are,+let+the+energy+flow.+"

The relationships within your close circle of friends deepen and lead to some unforgettable experiences. Especially in your most important relationships where you’re more closely bound, very positive processes built up over time come to fruition with incredible swiftness, cementing relationships even more. Accept everyone as they are, let the energy flow.

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