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string(16) "Friday,+March+24"

Friday, March 24

string(17) "Selfish+tendency+"

Selfish tendency

string(352) "You+clash+frequently+with+people,+some+might+see+you+as+selfish+and+seemingly+avoid+any+conversation+with+you+for+no+good+reason.+Both+at+work+and+home,+you+upset+people+with+exaggerated+displays+of+ego.+Counter+any+unpleasantness+by+treating+your+counterparts+with+respect,+taking+their+opinions+seriously+and+remembering+others+have+their+needs+too.+"

You clash frequently with people, some might see you as selfish and seemingly avoid any conversation with you for no good reason. Both at work and home, you upset people with exaggerated displays of ego. Counter any unpleasantness by treating your counterparts with respect, taking their opinions seriously and remembering others have their needs too.

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