My Daily Horoscope - Gemini - 1st decan

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string(18) "Sunday,+October+24"

Sunday, October 24

string(25) "Strengthen+relationships+"

Strengthen relationships

string(363) "Particularly+sensitive+and+feeling+that+you+know+exactly+what+you+want,+the+clarity+of+your+emotional+state+helps+you+bring+rationality+to+your+existing+relationships.+Strengthen+those+you+want+to+maintain+and+separate+yourself+once+and+for+all+from+those+not+working+for+you.+Doing+this+sensitively+and+with+understanding+is+the+best+approach+for+all+concerned.+"

Particularly sensitive and feeling that you know exactly what you want, the clarity of your emotional state helps you bring rationality to your existing relationships. Strengthen those you want to maintain and separate yourself once and for all from those not working for you. Doing this sensitively and with understanding is the best approach for all concerned.

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