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string(22) "Saturday,+September+23"

Saturday, September 23

string(20) "Launch+new+projects+"

Launch new projects

string(362) "You+feel+in+good+shape+and+your+mental+capabilities+sharp,+it+seems+that+anything+you+attempt+you+cope+with+well.+You+are+able+to+use+this+new-found+energy+to+launch+a+certain+project+you+planned+a+while+back,+you’re+able+to+control+all+you+need+to+make+sure+your+project+a+success+and+you+do+this+by+staying+focused+on+exactly+what+it+is+you+want+to+achieve.+"

You feel in good shape and your mental capabilities sharp, it seems that anything you attempt you cope with well. You are able to use this new-found energy to launch a certain project you planned a while back, you’re able to control all you need to make sure your project a success and you do this by staying focused on exactly what it is you want to achieve.

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