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string(15) "Monday,+July+24"

Monday, July 24

string(19) "Slow+down+a+little+"

Slow down a little

string(358) "Although+tempting,+don't+take+on+too+much,+concentrate+instead+on+those+matters+most+important+to+you.+Otherwise+you+run+the+risk+of+being+overwhelmed.+If+you+do+decide+to+tackle+something+new,+be+open+and+invite+others+to+help+you.+Success+is+likely+if+you+focus+your+energies+and+do+not+let+yourself+be+side-tracked+by+problems+that+aren’t+your+concern.+"

Although tempting, don't take on too much, concentrate instead on those matters most important to you. Otherwise you run the risk of being overwhelmed. If you do decide to tackle something new, be open and invite others to help you. Success is likely if you focus your energies and do not let yourself be side-tracked by problems that aren’t your concern.

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