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string(16) "Saturday,+May+27"

Saturday, May 27

string(25) "Strengths+and+weaknesses+"

Strengths and weaknesses

string(351) "Behaving+in+a+truly+impulsive+and+erratic+way,+leads+to+conflicts+rather+than+you+creating+any+worthwhile+success.+Be+more+conscious+both+of+your+strengths+and+weaknesses+and+don’t+confuse+issues+by+playing+one+off+against+the+other.+Accept+both+extremes,+reconcile+them+and+those+around+you+come+to+appreciate+you+as+a+much+more+meaningful+person.+"

Behaving in a truly impulsive and erratic way, leads to conflicts rather than you creating any worthwhile success. Be more conscious both of your strengths and weaknesses and don’t confuse issues by playing one off against the other. Accept both extremes, reconcile them and those around you come to appreciate you as a much more meaningful person.

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