My Daily Horoscope - Sagittarius - 1st decan

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string(18) "Tuesday,+August+16"

Tuesday, August 16

string(17) "Luck+is+with+you+"

Luck is with you

string(328) "You+confidently+take+on+challenges+and+are+lucky+finding+ways+to+overcome+obstacles+in+your+path.+Appearing+more+sociable+you’re+appreciated+by+those+you+meet,+and+they+may+prefer+you+over+someone+else+for+no+obvious+reason.+Be+careful,+the+envy+and+jealousy+this+creates+can+destroy+any+good-will+you+have+previously+enjoyed+"

You confidently take on challenges and are lucky finding ways to overcome obstacles in your path. Appearing more sociable you?re appreciated by those you meet, and they may prefer you over someone else for no obvious reason. Be careful, the envy and jealousy this creates can destroy any good-will you have previously enjoyed

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