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string(22) "Saturday,+September+23"

Saturday, September 23

string(9) "Worn+out+"

Worn out

string(356) "You+find+it+difficult+to+make+decisions+and+it's+even+harder+to+justify+them+to+others.+Avoid+arguments+and+put+off+any+important+conversations+for+a+bit.+Be+more+open,+it’s+only+when+people+know+how+you+feel+they+understand+why+you’re+so+hesitant.+Feeling+drained+and+worn+out,+both+physically+and+emotionally,+concentrate+on+regaining+your+strength.+"

You find it difficult to make decisions and it's even harder to justify them to others. Avoid arguments and put off any important conversations for a bit. Be more open, it’s only when people know how you feel they understand why you’re so hesitant. Feeling drained and worn out, both physically and emotionally, concentrate on regaining your strength.

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