My Daily Horoscope - Sagittarius - 1st decan

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string(18) "Friday,+October+23"

Friday, October 23

string(15) "Shared+success+"

Shared success

string(336) "Don't+waste+too+much+time+on+your+own,+reflecting+on+your+situation;+it’s+a+total+waste+of+your+abilities.+Instead+advise+and+motivate+people+you+encounter,+who+welcome+the+thoughtful+criticism+and+praise+you+offer.+Make+the+most+of+opportunities+that+arise+from+conversations+with+friends+who+agree+to+share+in+your+ambitious+plans.+"

Don't waste too much time on your own, reflecting on your situation; it’s a total waste of your abilities. Instead advise and motivate people you encounter, who welcome the thoughtful criticism and praise you offer. Make the most of opportunities that arise from conversations with friends who agree to share in your ambitious plans.

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