My Daily Horoscope - Sagittarius - 1st decan

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string(14) "Sunday,+May+22"

Sunday, May 22

string(18) "Misunderstandings+"


string(359) "Others+often+see+you+as+a+know-all,+and+no-one+seems+to+share+your+opinion,+even+if+it's+obvious+to+you+that+you're+right,+or+at+least+that's+the+impression+you+get.+Accept+their+position,+and+refrain+from+continually+offering+them+unsolicited+advice.+Take+care+of+your+physical+well-being,+a+visit+to+the+sauna,+a+massage+or+a+good+meal+often+works+wonders.+"

Others often see you as a know-all, and no-one seems to share your opinion, even if it's obvious to you that you're right, or at least that's the impression you get. Accept their position, and refrain from continually offering them unsolicited advice. Take care of your physical well-being, a visit to the sauna, a massage or a good meal often works wonders.

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