My Daily Horoscope - Pisces - 1st decan

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string(17) "Monday,+October+2"

Monday, October 2

string(16) "Dissatisfaction+"


string(362) "Nothing+seems+to+be+going+quite+as+well+as+you+expect,+if+you+change+your+approach,+you+find+approval+more+readily+available+and+the+opinions+of+others+helpful.+In+your+personal+life,+you’re+confronted+by+all+kinds+of+difficulties+and+need+to+be+clear+about+where+you+stand+in+the+circumstances.+Think+about+your+lifestyle+too,+don't+be+too+tough+on+yourself.+"

Nothing seems to be going quite as well as you expect, if you change your approach, you find approval more readily available and the opinions of others helpful. In your personal life, you?re confronted by all kinds of difficulties and need to be clear about where you stand in the circumstances. Think about your lifestyle too, don't be too tough on yourself.

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