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string(16) "Friday,+March+24"

Friday, March 24

string(21) "Sympathetic+gestures+"

Sympathetic gestures

string(354) "Your+gestures+of+friendliness+are+especially+appreciated+and+under+these+circumstances+the+smallest+kindness+you+do+for+another+can+lead+to+deep+friendship+and+any+existing+relationships+can+be+renewed+or+deepened.+You+intuitively+know+what+is+best,+offer+help+at+the+right+moment+and+find+the+right+words+to+convey+comfort,+empathy+or+happiness+to+all.+"

Your gestures of friendliness are especially appreciated and under these circumstances the smallest kindness you do for another can lead to deep friendship and any existing relationships can be renewed or deepened. You intuitively know what is best, offer help at the right moment and find the right words to convey comfort, empathy or happiness to all.

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