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string(18) "Thursday,+April+26"

Thursday, April 26

string(14) "Team+strength+"

Team strength

string(360) "You+work+particularly+well+in+a+team+and+even+have+fun+with+it.+Maintain+this+creative+working+atmosphere+since+if+you+all+stick+together,+everyone+achieves+their+individual+goals+far+more+quickly.+Even+in+your+personal+life,+you+feel+more+at+ease+in+a+group+rather+than+alone.+This+feeling+may+help+you+make+progress+in+your+love+life+and+enjoy+some+romance.+"

You work particularly well in a team and even have fun with it. Maintain this creative working atmosphere since if you all stick together, everyone achieves their individual goals far more quickly. Even in your personal life, you feel more at ease in a group rather than alone. This feeling may help you make progress in your love life and enjoy some romance.

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