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string(20) "Tuesday,+February+20"

Tuesday, February 20

string(16) "Mental+activity+"

Mental activity

string(332) "You+must+listen+to+what+those+who+are+close+to+you+say,+their+opinions+can+be+of+great+worth+to+you+going+forward.+Your+brain+is+working+overtime,+others+are+impressed,+and+you+can+include+any+suggestions+you+receive,+helping+you+complete+the+tasks+you+need+to+finish+quickly.+If+you+feel+restless,+take+a+break+to+relax+your+mind.+"

You must listen to what those who are close to you say, their opinions can be of great worth to you going forward. Your brain is working overtime, others are impressed, and you can include any suggestions you receive, helping you complete the tasks you need to finish quickly. If you feel restless, take a break to relax your mind.

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