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string(15) "Monday,+July+16"

Monday, July 16

string(19) "A+flash+in+the+pan+"

A flash in the pan

string(351) "Your+feelings+are+up+and+down,+making+you+seem+moody+and+irritable.+You+warm+quickly+to+prospective+partners,+but+this+rapidly+turns+to+cold+indifference.+Be+far+more+considerate+and+thoughtful+in+the+way+you+approach+others+and+avoid+unnecessary+misunderstandings.+Instead,+work+out+exactly+what+you+want+to+achieve+in+your+relationship's+long-term.+"

Your feelings are up and down, making you seem moody and irritable. You warm quickly to prospective partners, but this rapidly turns to cold indifference. Be far more considerate and thoughtful in the way you approach others and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Instead, work out exactly what you want to achieve in your relationship's long-term.

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