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string(15) "Monday,+July+24"

Monday, July 24

string(7) "Apathy+"


string(355) "You’re+rather+lethargic;+especially+as+far+as+doing+anything+strenuous+is+concerned.+Spending+money+however,+you’re+less+apprehensive+about+and+may+regret+large+impulsive+purchases+that+you+later+consider+a+complete+waste+of+money.+You+seemingly+get+irritated+for+the+smallest+of+reasons,+make+unrealistic+demands+and+appear+less+reliable+than+usual.+"

You’re rather lethargic; especially as far as doing anything strenuous is concerned. Spending money however, you’re less apprehensive about and may regret large impulsive purchases that you later consider a complete waste of money. You seemingly get irritated for the smallest of reasons, make unrealistic demands and appear less reliable than usual.

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