My Daily Horoscope - Pisces - 1st decan

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string(18) "Wednesday,+July+28"

Wednesday, July 28

string(22) "Explore+possibilities+"

Explore possibilities

string(333) "You+long+for+change,+new+people+and+challenges.+Your+wishes+are+in+stark+contrast+to+what+is+possible+for+you+to+achieve.+Unless+you+use+your+time+sensibly+by+making+some+viable+plans,+when+you+do+attempt+to+turn+wishes+into+reality+you+quickly+run+out+of+steam.+Exercise+helps+regain+your+strength+before+putting+plans+into+effect.+"

You long for change, new people and challenges. Your wishes are in stark contrast to what is possible for you to achieve. Unless you use your time sensibly by making some viable plans, when you do attempt to turn wishes into reality you quickly run out of steam. Exercise helps regain your strength before putting plans into effect.

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