Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(22) "Saturday,+September+23"

Saturday, September 23

string(14) "Heavy+burdens+"

Heavy burdens

string(368) "You+have+difficulty+with+your+repetitive+routine+tasks,+not+much+you+do+is+likely+to+progress+until+you+can+address+these+efficiently.+Don't+take+out+your+frustration+on+others+or+isolate+yourself+from+people,+since+isolation+does+nothing+to+help+you.+Look+for+the+closeness+of+your+family+and+accept+help+from+them,+with+their+support+you+get+on+top+of+difficulties.+"

You have difficulty with your repetitive routine tasks, not much you do is likely to progress until you can address these efficiently. Don't take out your frustration on others or isolate yourself from people, since isolation does nothing to help you. Look for the closeness of your family and accept help from them, with their support you get on top of difficulties.

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