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string(16) "Friday,+March+24"

Friday, March 24

string(13) "Warm+hearted+"

Warm hearted

string(358) "Your+life+is+interspersed+with+a+great+deal+of+love+and+affection.+A+special+warm+heartedness+is+the+backdrop+to+your+environment.+There’s+an+atmosphere+of+mutual+trust+and+thoughtfulness+towards+one+another.+Use+this+opportunity+to+approach+difficult,+unavoidable+conversations.+Those+you+talk+to+are+not+so+keen+to+attack+you,+but+strive+for+a+solution.+"

Your life is interspersed with a great deal of love and affection. A special warm heartedness is the backdrop to your environment. There’s an atmosphere of mutual trust and thoughtfulness towards one another. Use this opportunity to approach difficult, unavoidable conversations. Those you talk to are not so keen to attack you, but strive for a solution.

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