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string(15) "Monday,+June+17"

Monday, June 17

string(13) "Battle+alone+"

Battle alone

string(349) "Often+spending+too+much+time+with+others+leads+to+arguments.+Instead+if+possible,+try+to+work+alone+and+let+people+know+that+you’re+not+feeling+at+your+best.+You+rely+on+a+certain+measure+of+understanding+and+easily+avoid+offence.+Even+if+personal+outcomes+aren’t+good+at+least+your+constitution+is.+Keep+things+that+way,+continue+your+efforts.+"

Often spending too much time with others leads to arguments. Instead if possible, try to work alone and let people know that you’re not feeling at your best. You rely on a certain measure of understanding and easily avoid offence. Even if personal outcomes aren’t good at least your constitution is. Keep things that way, continue your efforts.

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