My Daily Horoscope - Capricorn - 1st decan

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string(20) "Wednesday,+August+17"

Wednesday, August 17

string(17) "Deserved+Success+"

Deserved Success

string(302) "All+the+work+you+have+previously+done+over+past+weeks+pays+off+now.+Everyone+involved+appreciates+your+efforts+and+benefits+from+the+outcome.+Being+acknowledged+in+this+way+gives+you+the+confidence+to+more+easily+expand+your+sphere+of+influence.+Such+a+positive+attitude+wins+people+over+to+your+side.+"

All the work you have previously done over past weeks pays off now. Everyone involved appreciates your efforts and benefits from the outcome. Being acknowledged in this way gives you the confidence to more easily expand your sphere of influence. Such a positive attitude wins people over to your side.

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