My Daily Horoscope - Capricorn - 1st decan

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string(18) "Sunday,+October+24"

Sunday, October 24

string(13) "Pure+harmony+"

Pure harmony

string(360) "You+feel+completely+confident+and+composed,+at+ease+both+in+your+working+environment+as+well+as+with+your+personal+life.+This+attitude+rubs+off+on+others+and+affects+the+close+relationships+you+have+with+your+partner+and+family+as+well+as+your+healthy+attitude+regarding+‘give+and+take.'+Maintain+your+inner+composure+and+make+plans+for+long+term+happiness.+"

You feel completely confident and composed, at ease both in your working environment as well as with your personal life. This attitude rubs off on others and affects the close relationships you have with your partner and family as well as your healthy attitude regarding ?give and take.' Maintain your inner composure and make plans for long term happiness.

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