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string(22) "Saturday,+September+23"

Saturday, September 23

string(16) "Openness+counts+"

Openness counts

string(358) "You’re+confronted+by+problematic+situations+which+are+successfully+overcome+when+you+change+your+attitude.+Separate+yourself+from+the+established+way+of+looking+at+the+situation+and+adopt+a+new+approach.+Be+very+careful+about+making+accusations+or+trying+to+blame+others+–+it's+possible+you+have+made+mistakes.+Be+open+and+then+you+learn+about+yourself.+"

You’re confronted by problematic situations which are successfully overcome when you change your attitude. Separate yourself from the established way of looking at the situation and adopt a new approach. Be very careful about making accusations or trying to blame others – it's possible you have made mistakes. Be open and then you learn about yourself.

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