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string(16) "Saturday,+May+27"

Saturday, May 27

string(13) "Avoid+stress+"

Avoid stress

string(356) "You+see+yourself+as+having+plenty+of+energy+and+being+resilient+to+stress.+However+others+see+you+more+easily+overcome+and+disorganized+than+you+imagine+yourself+to+be.+It's+particularly+hard+for+you+to+retain+your+composure+and+keep+to+a+meaningful+routine,+even+though+it's+important+to+keep+to+your+schedule.+Don't+abandon+those+who+are+closest+to+you.+"

You see yourself as having plenty of energy and being resilient to stress. However others see you more easily overcome and disorganized than you imagine yourself to be. It's particularly hard for you to retain your composure and keep to a meaningful routine, even though it's important to keep to your schedule. Don't abandon those who are closest to you.

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