My Daily Horoscope - Capricorn - 1st decan

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string(18) "Wednesday,+July+28"

Wednesday, July 28

string(17) "Unusual+impulses+"

Unusual impulses

string(357) "Inconsistencies+you+display+are+a+direct+consequence+of+your+emotional+mood;+as+a+rational+person,+even+you’re+surprised+at+the+effect+that+your+frame+of+mind+has+on+your+actions.+You+understand+why+others+are+dubious+about+the+way+you’re+behaving+and+take+this+opportunity+to+show+those+closest+to+you+a+different+side+of+your+distinctive+personality.+"

Inconsistencies you display are a direct consequence of your emotional mood; as a rational person, even you?re surprised at the effect that your frame of mind has on your actions. You understand why others are dubious about the way you?re behaving and take this opportunity to show those closest to you a different side of your distinctive personality.

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