My Daily Horoscope - Capricorn - 1st decan

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string(19) "Sunday,+December+15"

Sunday, December 15

string(15) "Show+Restraint+"

Show Restraint

string(306) "Taking+on+too+much,+only+makes+matters+worse+than+they+need+to+be.+Far+better+to+avoid+any+potential+conflicts+by+withdrawing+and+just+accepting+that+you+are+not+performing+at+your+best.+In+this+way,+you+prevent+further+escalation.+However,+if+looking+for+support,+do+not+make+excessive+demands+on+others.+"

Taking on too much, only makes matters worse than they need to be. Far better to avoid any potential conflicts by withdrawing and just accepting that you are not performing at your best. In this way, you prevent further escalation. However, if looking for support, do not make excessive demands on others.

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