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string(15) "Monday,+July+24"

Monday, July 24

string(18) "Misunderstandings+"


string(363) "It's+not+what+you+say+but+the+way+that+you+say+it.+You're+involved+in+all+kinds+of+talks+and+have+to+respond+appropriately.+Even+when+you+feel+like+speaking+the+truth+or+your+honest+opinion+is+asked+for,+choose+the+words+carefully.+Conclusions+you+arrive+at+are+brutally+honest+and+extremely+cutting.+Avoid+such+behavior+and+conduct+conversations+diplomatically.+"

It's not what you say but the way that you say it. You're involved in all kinds of talks and have to respond appropriately. Even when you feel like speaking the truth or your honest opinion is asked for, choose the words carefully. Conclusions you arrive at are brutally honest and extremely cutting. Avoid such behavior and conduct conversations diplomatically.

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