My Daily Horoscope - Capricorn - 1st decan

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string(16) "Thursday,+May+30"

Thursday, May 30

string(14) "Time+to+relax+"

Time to relax

string(365) "The+atmosphere+is+less+tense,+it+takes+some+time+for+all+disputes+to+be+cleared+up,+but+you+approach+the+things+that+are+important+to+you+in+a+more+relaxed+way.+You’re+able+to+enjoy+quiet+relaxation+with+your+family+and/or+close+friends.+Physically+you’re+more+stress-free+too,+spoil+yourself+if+you’re+able+with+a+massage,+a+relaxing+bath,+and+healthy+food.+"

The atmosphere is less tense, it takes some time for all disputes to be cleared up, but you approach the things that are important to you in a more relaxed way. You?re able to enjoy quiet relaxation with your family and/or close friends. Physically you?re more stress-free too, spoil yourself if you?re able with a massage, a relaxing bath, and healthy food.

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