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string(19) "Monday,+December+17"

Monday, December 17

string(19) "Open+to+new+things+"

Open to new things

string(364) "Extremely+busy,+a+trip+is+fast+approaching+which+needs+to+be+properly+organized.+Prepare+for+the+whole+thing+not+going+according+to+plan+or+running+quite+as+smoothly+as+you+expect.+Remain+flexible,+open+to+the+vagaries+of+chance,+it’s+easy+then+for+you+to+react+quickly+to+any+new+circumstances+that+arise,+and+everyone+appreciates+your+effort+to+stay+on+track.+"

Extremely busy, a trip is fast approaching which needs to be properly organized. Prepare for the whole thing not going according to plan or running quite as smoothly as you expect. Remain flexible, open to the vagaries of chance, it’s easy then for you to react quickly to any new circumstances that arise, and everyone appreciates your effort to stay on track.

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