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string(16) "Sunday,+March+26"

Sunday, March 26

string(16) "Solve+conflicts+"

Solve conflicts

string(359) "You+aren’t+able+to+accomplish+very+much,+don't+let+this+deter+you,+by+continuing+steadily+you+regain+momentum.+Your+personal+life+is+similar,+both+with+your+partner+and+friends,+look+for+solutions+to+any+conflicts+and+misunderstandings+by+talking+with+more+purpose.+Stress+threatens+your+well-being.+Find+some+middle+ground+between+relaxation+and+activity.+"

You aren?t able to accomplish very much, don't let this deter you, by continuing steadily you regain momentum. Your personal life is similar, both with your partner and friends, look for solutions to any conflicts and misunderstandings by talking with more purpose. Stress threatens your well-being. Find some middle ground between relaxation and activity.

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