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string(21) "Thursday,+November+23"

Thursday, November 23

string(19) "Stick+to+your+word+"

Stick to your word

string(359) "It’s+important+that+you+keep+your+promises.+Otherwise,+difficulties+arise+from+your+unpredictability+which+has+a+knock-on+effect.+People+close+to+you+get+upset,+and+those+you+work+with+feel+let+down.+Reconsider+your+feelings+towards+others+and+don't+make+any+important+decisions,+instead+take+some+time+for+yourself+to+discover+why+you+feel+the+way+you+do.+"

It’s important that you keep your promises. Otherwise, difficulties arise from your unpredictability which has a knock-on effect. People close to you get upset, and those you work with feel let down. Reconsider your feelings towards others and don't make any important decisions, instead take some time for yourself to discover why you feel the way you do.

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