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string(18) "Thursday,+April+25"

Thursday, April 25

string(10) "Composure+"


string(354) "Composed+and+confident,+your+increased+eagerness+enables+you+to+drive+yourself+forward+and+undertake+activities+in+your+free+time+which+you+find+gratifying.+It's+appropriate+to+take+some+time+to+quietly+mull+over+the+choices+before+you,+make+some+appropriately+smart+decisions,+readily+adapt+to+and+accommodate+any+new+circumstances+you’re+faced+with.+"

Composed and confident, your increased eagerness enables you to drive yourself forward and undertake activities in your free time which you find gratifying. It's appropriate to take some time to quietly mull over the choices before you, make some appropriately smart decisions, readily adapt to and accommodate any new circumstances you’re faced with.

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