My Daily Horoscope - Virgo - 1st decan

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string(14) "Sunday,+May+22"

Sunday, May 22

string(15) "Aggressiveness+"


string(360) "You’re+being+aggressive+and+if+this+is+a+character+trait+you+don't+recognize+in+yourself,+you’re+going+to+have+to+deal+with+the+fact+it’s+something+that+occasionally+happens.+When+you+feel+this+way,+limit+your+contact+with+others+to+a+minimum,+preferable+people+you+know+and+remain+calm,+a+good+way+to+get+rid+of+hostility+is+with+recreational+activity.+"

You?re being aggressive and if this is a character trait you don't recognize in yourself, you?re going to have to deal with the fact it?s something that occasionally happens. When you feel this way, limit your contact with others to a minimum, preferable people you know and remain calm, a good way to get rid of hostility is with recreational activity.

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