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string(16) "Saturday,+May+27"

Saturday, May 27

string(19) "Adverse+conditions+"

Adverse conditions

string(350) "Events+aren't+running+smoothly,+you+appear+to+come+up+against+difficulties+wherever+you+look+but+actually+deal+with+these+seemingly+adverse+conditions+in+a+laid+back+manner+and+see+them+as+a+challenge.+If+something+isn't+going+as+you+planned,+actual+outcomes+and+the+obstacles+you+overcome+on+the+way+just+serve+to+make+the+journey+more+interesting.+"

Events aren't running smoothly, you appear to come up against difficulties wherever you look but actually deal with these seemingly adverse conditions in a laid back manner and see them as a challenge. If something isn't going as you planned, actual outcomes and the obstacles you overcome on the way just serve to make the journey more interesting.

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