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string(15) "Monday,+July+24"

Monday, July 24

string(13) "Making+plans+"

Making plans

string(362) "Making+decisions+about+work+and+also+your+personal+life,+you’re+completely+clear+about+your+current+situation+and+wishes,+setting+priorities+accordingly.+You+judge+external+influences+accurately+so+use+these+promising+circumstances+to+turn+your+personal+dreams+into+reality.+If+in+a+long-term+relationship,+consult+your+partner+first+concerning+these+matters.+"

Making decisions about work and also your personal life, you’re completely clear about your current situation and wishes, setting priorities accordingly. You judge external influences accurately so use these promising circumstances to turn your personal dreams into reality. If in a long-term relationship, consult your partner first concerning these matters.

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