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string(20) "Tuesday,+February+20"

Tuesday, February 20

string(20) "Increased+Awareness+"

Increased Awareness

string(360) "Combining+clever+observation+and+your+common+sense+allows+you+to+evaluate+all+aspects+of+any+problems.+You’re+able+to+rely+on+your+intuition+to+competently+deal+with+complications+without+help+and+personal+problems+are+easily+resolved.+With+increased+awareness+and+sensitivity,+you+stay+in+tune+with+your+body,+quickly+reacting+to+any+obvious+health+issues.+"

Combining clever observation and your common sense allows you to evaluate all aspects of any problems. You’re able to rely on your intuition to competently deal with complications without help and personal problems are easily resolved. With increased awareness and sensitivity, you stay in tune with your body, quickly reacting to any obvious health issues.

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