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string(18) "Thursday,+April+25"

Thursday, April 25

string(13) "Curb+desires+"

Curb desires

string(341) "Your+longing+for+an+unfulfilled+desire+grows.+At+times,+you+catch+yourself+thinking+about+what+it+would+be+like+if+you+ditched+your+principles+and+ideals+to+achieve+this+desire.+Don't+allow+yourself+to+play+this+game,+concentrate+instead+on+curbing+your+desires.+Think+what+things+make+you+happy,+they+often+are+the+simplest+things+in+life.+"

Your longing for an unfulfilled desire grows. At times, you catch yourself thinking about what it would be like if you ditched your principles and ideals to achieve this desire. Don't allow yourself to play this game, concentrate instead on curbing your desires. Think what things make you happy, they often are the simplest things in life.

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