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string(16) "Sunday,+April+23"

Sunday, April 23

string(10) "Recollect+"


string(358) "At+odds+with+yourself,+this+is+evidenced+in+your+deep+dissatisfaction+and+also+in+moods+you+tend+to+take+out+on+others.+You+must+also+accept+defeats+and+see+these+as+helpful+for+the+future+and+draw+something+positive+from+them.+Occupy+yourself+with+things+that+make+you+happy,+otherwise+you+find+it+difficult+to+get+rid+of+your+frustration+and+upset+others.+"

At odds with yourself, this is evidenced in your deep dissatisfaction and also in moods you tend to take out on others. You must also accept defeats and see these as helpful for the future and draw something positive from them. Occupy yourself with things that make you happy, otherwise you find it difficult to get rid of your frustration and upset others.

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