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string(18) "Monday,+January+27"

Monday, January 27

string(11) "In+Control+"

In Control

string(359) "Feeling+particularly+in+control,+it’s+easy+for+you+to+deal+with+other+people.+Finding+yourself+to+be+so+cool,+calm+and+collected+in+nearly+every+situation,+you+recognize+decisions+are+necessary+for+you+to+take.+You+instinctively+know+how+to+adapt+in+a+most+positive+way+to+the+prevailing+circumstances+of+your+surroundings+and+achieve+a+successful+outcome.+"

Feeling particularly in control, it’s easy for you to deal with other people. Finding yourself to be so cool, calm and collected in nearly every situation, you recognize decisions are necessary for you to take. You instinctively know how to adapt in a most positive way to the prevailing circumstances of your surroundings and achieve a successful outcome.

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