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string(16) "Saturday,+May+27"

Saturday, May 27

string(11) "Popularity+"


string(365) "You+cope+with+whatever+situation+you’re+presented+with+in+an+open+and+responsive+way.+It’s+easy+for+you+to+enjoy+the+company+of+your+friends+and+family,+to+cement+relationship+ties+with+those+you+care+about+most.+You+feel+in+good+physical+shape,+take+up+a+recreational+activity,+if+this+isn’t+your+thing,+rest+and+relaxation+is+just+as+beneficial+for+health.+"

You cope with whatever situation you’re presented with in an open and responsive way. It’s easy for you to enjoy the company of your friends and family, to cement relationship ties with those you care about most. You feel in good physical shape, take up a recreational activity, if this isn’t your thing, rest and relaxation is just as beneficial for health.

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