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string(20) "Saturday,+October+19"

Saturday, October 19

string(24) "Careful+Choice+of+Words+"

Careful Choice of Words

string(338) "Unexplained+tensions+abound,+so+choose+your+words+with+care+and+try+to+avoid+others+if+you+can.+Otherwise,+you+probably+say+things+you+later+regret+and+risk+alienating+friends+and+acquaintances.+Make+sure+to+practice+self-restraint.+Take+a+quiet+moment+and+organize+your+leisure+time+carefully.+By+so+doing,+you+avoid+taking+on+too+much.+"

Unexplained tensions abound, so choose your words with care and try to avoid others if you can. Otherwise, you probably say things you later regret and risk alienating friends and acquaintances. Make sure to practice self-restraint. Take a quiet moment and organize your leisure time carefully. By so doing, you avoid taking on too much.

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