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string(18) "Thursday,+April+26"

Thursday, April 26

string(19) "Overcome+obstacles+"

Overcome obstacles

string(367) "Complications+which+have+been+in+the+offing+for+quite+some+time+are+becoming+ever+clearer,+and+you+aren’t+able+to+put+off+dealing+with+them+for+much+longer.+Tackle+these+challenges+as+soon+as+possible,+even+if+this+is+difficult+for+you.+The+longer+you+ignore+them,+the+more+likely+it+is+they+are+going+to+overwhelm+you+and+the+harder+it+is+to+deal+with+the+result.+"

Complications which have been in the offing for quite some time are becoming ever clearer, and you aren’t able to put off dealing with them for much longer. Tackle these challenges as soon as possible, even if this is difficult for you. The longer you ignore them, the more likely it is they are going to overwhelm you and the harder it is to deal with the result.

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