My Daily Horoscope - Leo - 1st decan

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string(20) "Tuesday,+February+27"

Tuesday, February 27

string(15) "Risky+business+"

Risky business

string(351) "If+you+think+somebody+is+likely+to+give+you+everything,+you're+wrong.+On+the+contrary,+you+need+to+be+careful+if+someone+makes+an+offer+that+is+too+good+to+be+true.+Even+if+you+find+it+difficult+to+say+no,+you+must+do+so,+especially+if+a+lot+is+at+stake.+Otherwise,+your+gullibility+means+you+end+up+far+worse+off+than+before+and+suffer+ridicule+too.+"

If you think somebody is likely to give you everything, you're wrong. On the contrary, you need to be careful if someone makes an offer that is too good to be true. Even if you find it difficult to say no, you must do so, especially if a lot is at stake. Otherwise, your gullibility means you end up far worse off than before and suffer ridicule too.

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