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string(18) "Thursday,+April+25"

Thursday, April 25

string(9) "Idleness+"


string(354) "You’re+moody,+your+bluntness+causes+unnecessary+difficulties,+especially+in+your+relationships.+You’re+feeling+lethargic+and+have+time+on+your+hands+which+could+mean+you're+more+eager+to+spend+money.+Try+to+think+about+your+actions+beforehand,+and+if+you’re+in+any+doubt+whatsoever,+postpone+making+decisions+until+you’re+better+placed+to+do+so.+"

You’re moody, your bluntness causes unnecessary difficulties, especially in your relationships. You’re feeling lethargic and have time on your hands which could mean you're more eager to spend money. Try to think about your actions beforehand, and if you’re in any doubt whatsoever, postpone making decisions until you’re better placed to do so.

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