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string(21) "Thursday,+November+21"

Thursday, November 21

string(17) "In+the+spotlight+"

In the spotlight

string(370) "You’re+asked+many+questions,+consulted+for+advice+and+have+to+keep+the+peace+on+delicate+issues.+Others+expect+a+certain+level+of+trust,+don’t+show+any+hint+of+arrogance+as+a+result+of+the+trust+placed+in+you.+Otherwise,+people+may+think+you’re+tempted+to+misuse+this+openness+for+selfish+reasons.+Only+use+your+influence+to+help+and+win+the+heart+of+someone+new.+"

You’re asked many questions, consulted for advice and have to keep the peace on delicate issues. Others expect a certain level of trust, don’t show any hint of arrogance as a result of the trust placed in you. Otherwise, people may think you’re tempted to misuse this openness for selfish reasons. Only use your influence to help and win the heart of someone new.

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