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string(16) "Sunday,+April+23"

Sunday, April 23

string(20) "Provocative+conduct+"

Provocative conduct

string(364) "A+much+less+aggressive+approach+pays+off+and+helps+lift+your+overly+aggressive+mood,+as+well+as+avoid+the+fallout+from+inevitable+arguments+which+have+to+be+cleared+up+later.+If+you+hold+back+everything+works+out+pretty+well.+Since+you're+not+exactly+sociable+today,+it’s+a+good+idea+to+postpone+meetings+with+friends+rather+than+run+the+risk+of+upsetting+them.+"

A much less aggressive approach pays off and helps lift your overly aggressive mood, as well as avoid the fallout from inevitable arguments which have to be cleared up later. If you hold back everything works out pretty well. Since you're not exactly sociable today, it’s a good idea to postpone meetings with friends rather than run the risk of upsetting them.

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