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string(16) "Sunday,+April+23"

Sunday, April 23

string(23) "Efficiency+of+the+mind+"

Efficiency of the mind

string(365) "Extremely+efficient,+whether+it’s+while+you’re+learning+about+something+new,+organizing+or+using+existing+information,+your+mental+capabilities+easily+get+overstretched+and+leave+you+feeling+more+nervous+and+harassed+than+normal.+If+you+recognize+the+signs,+you+need+to+find+time+to+relax+by+yourself,+do+some+recreational+activities,+travelling+or+meditation.+"

Extremely efficient, whether it’s while you’re learning about something new, organizing or using existing information, your mental capabilities easily get overstretched and leave you feeling more nervous and harassed than normal. If you recognize the signs, you need to find time to relax by yourself, do some recreational activities, travelling or meditation.

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