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string(15) "Monday,+July+24"

Monday, July 24

string(21) "Pass+on+new+insights+"

Pass on new insights

string(356) "Much+quicker+on+the+uptake+than+usual,+you+recognize+connections+and+effortlessly+formulate+your+thoughts+in+a+clear+and+logical+way+to+those+concerned,+with+accompanying+inspirational+flashes+of+genius.+Subsequent+meetings+and+talks+turn+out+to+be+productive,+satisfy+everyone's+expectations+and+help+bring+events+to+their+successful+intended+conclusion.+"

Much quicker on the uptake than usual, you recognize connections and effortlessly formulate your thoughts in a clear and logical way to those concerned, with accompanying inspirational flashes of genius. Subsequent meetings and talks turn out to be productive, satisfy everyone's expectations and help bring events to their successful intended conclusion.

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