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string(19) "Monday,+December+17"

Monday, December 17

string(14) "Clarification+"


string(367) "You+need+to+get+started+on+any+delayed+tasks+or+tackle+any+unresolved+differences.+If+you+didn't+have+the+right+incentive+before,+you’re+able+to+view+things+in+a+new+light,+with+a+fresh+perspective.+Previous+contacts+stimulate+your+interest,+and+others+find+your+self-confidence+engaging+and+attractive.+Use+your+energy,+enjoy+some+new+recreational+activities+too.+"

You need to get started on any delayed tasks or tackle any unresolved differences. If you didn't have the right incentive before, you’re able to view things in a new light, with a fresh perspective. Previous contacts stimulate your interest, and others find your self-confidence engaging and attractive. Use your energy, enjoy some new recreational activities too.

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