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string(16) "Friday,+March+24"

Friday, March 24

string(11) "Expressive+"


string(356) "A+shrewd+intellect+and+clear+thinking+ensures+you+deal+with+issues+objectively+and+confidently,+creating+an+ideal+forum+for+discussing+outstanding+issues.+Those+who+know+you+appreciate+your+quick+wit+and+wordplay.+A+perfect+opportunity+arises+to+make+new+acquaintances.+Let+off+steam+with+physical+activity+and+take+a+break+from+all+your+mental+dexterity.+"

A shrewd intellect and clear thinking ensures you deal with issues objectively and confidently, creating an ideal forum for discussing outstanding issues. Those who know you appreciate your quick wit and wordplay. A perfect opportunity arises to make new acquaintances. Let off steam with physical activity and take a break from all your mental dexterity.

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