My Daily Horoscope - Aries - 2nd decan

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string(18) "Sunday,+October+24"

Sunday, October 24

string(9) "Disputes+"


string(364) "Conversations+are+more+challenging+than+usual,+as+others+appear+to+like+taking+the+opposite+point+of+view+to+your+own.+Remember,+compromise+brings+the+only+satisfactory+outcome+for+both+sides.+If+you+prefer+not+to+risk+any+lasting+damage,+you+are+well+advised+to+let+the+other+person+win.+You+soon+appreciate+that,+on+balance,+this+way+of+behaving+is+more+useful.+"

Conversations are more challenging than usual, as others appear to like taking the opposite point of view to your own. Remember, compromise brings the only satisfactory outcome for both sides. If you prefer not to risk any lasting damage, you are well advised to let the other person win. You soon appreciate that, on balance, this way of behaving is more useful.

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