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string(16) "Friday,+March+24"

Friday, March 24

string(19) "Negotiating+skills+"

Negotiating skills

string(356) "An+ideal+negotiating+partner,+you+always+have+the+upper+hand+during+disputes+and+adopt+the+correct+approach+both+at+work+and+your+personal+life,+but+you+must+let+others+have+their+say+too.+Then+they+feel+you’re+always+fair+and+objective.+Plenty+of+physical+exercise+helps+you+counterbalance+mental+activity.+A+long+walk+or+jogging+session+works+wonders.+"

An ideal negotiating partner, you always have the upper hand during disputes and adopt the correct approach both at work and your personal life, but you must let others have their say too. Then they feel you’re always fair and objective. Plenty of physical exercise helps you counterbalance mental activity. A long walk or jogging session works wonders.

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