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string(19) "Monday,+December+17"

Monday, December 17

string(18) "Pleasant+feelings+"

Pleasant feelings

string(354) "You+feel+totally+at+ease+and+in+control+of+your+emotions,+an+attitude+that+others+readily+approve+of.+By+confronting+personal+problems+openly,+you+resolve+outstanding+issues+agreeably.+You+easily+make+new+acquaintances+and+keep+in+touch+with+existing+friends+which+ultimately+deepens,+strengthens+and+enriches+the+relationships+you’ve+built+with+them.+"

You feel totally at ease and in control of your emotions, an attitude that others readily approve of. By confronting personal problems openly, you resolve outstanding issues agreeably. You easily make new acquaintances and keep in touch with existing friends which ultimately deepens, strengthens and enriches the relationships you’ve built with them.

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