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string(16) "Sunday,+April+23"

Sunday, April 23

string(19) "Motivated+to+learn+"

Motivated to learn

string(355) "Your+ability+to+learn+improves+and+you’re+able+to+master+new+tasks.+You+evidently+enjoy+getting+to+grips+with+new+topics+which+stimulate+your+mind+and+test+your+understanding.+Use+this+motivation+to+find+out+more+about+a+subject,+which+has+long+been+of+interest,+when+you+satisfy+your+initial+curiosity+you+still+want+to+carry+on+exploring+every+facet.+"

Your ability to learn improves and you’re able to master new tasks. You evidently enjoy getting to grips with new topics which stimulate your mind and test your understanding. Use this motivation to find out more about a subject, which has long been of interest, when you satisfy your initial curiosity you still want to carry on exploring every facet.

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