My Daily Horoscope - Taurus - 1st decan

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string(16) "Friday,+April+23"

Friday, April 23

string(19) "Unexpected+support+"

Unexpected support

string(352) "Your+positive+and+pleasant+way+of+handling+people+brings+you+support+from+unexpected+sources+you+could+not+have+anticipated+getting+or+thought+possible.+Use+this+opportunity+to+let+others+know+of+your+growing+concerns+regarding+the+issues+most+important+to+you,+so+you+can+make+positive+changes+that+are+long-lasting+for+yourself+and+those+around+you.+"

Your positive and pleasant way of handling people brings you support from unexpected sources you could not have anticipated getting or thought possible. Use this opportunity to let others know of your growing concerns regarding the issues most important to you, so you can make positive changes that are long-lasting for yourself and those around you.

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