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string(15) "Monday,+July+16"

Monday, July 16

string(26) "Keeping+things+in+balance+"

Keeping things in balance

string(330) "Including+your+wishes+with+the+needs+of+others,+you+make+interacting+with+them+a+pleasurable+experience.+With+such+an+accommodating+manner,+you’re+especially+good+at+putting+friends+or+partners+at+ease,+even+if+they’re+feeling+tense+or+unduly+stressed.+However,+avoid+giving+physical+assistance,+which+you+may+come+to+regret.+"

Including your wishes with the needs of others, you make interacting with them a pleasurable experience. With such an accommodating manner, you’re especially good at putting friends or partners at ease, even if they’re feeling tense or unduly stressed. However, avoid giving physical assistance, which you may come to regret.

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