My Daily Horoscope - Taurus - 1st decan

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string(18) "Sunday,+October+24"

Sunday, October 24

string(12) "Frustration+"


string(375) "Don't+be+surprised+by+the+continual+frustration+you+feel,+instead+listen+to+signals+from+your+body+and+make+sure+you+take+proper+care+of+it.+Above+all+don't+take+out+the+frustration+you+feel+on+the+people+closest+to+you,+in+fact,+they’re+only+trying+to+do+their+best+to+assist+you,+so+avoid+any+unnecessary+disputes,+and+as+time+passes,+you+feel+happier,+far+more+relaxed.+"

Don't be surprised by the continual frustration you feel, instead listen to signals from your body and make sure you take proper care of it. Above all don't take out the frustration you feel on the people closest to you, in fact, they?re only trying to do their best to assist you, so avoid any unnecessary disputes, and as time passes, you feel happier, far more relaxed.

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