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string(20) "Saturday,+October+19"

Saturday, October 19

string(28) "Forgetfulness+and+criticism+"

Forgetfulness and criticism

string(353) "You+appear+to+be+rather+forgetful+and+in+addition+are+on+the+receiving+end+of+some+undeserved+criticism,+and+likely+to+blame+yourself+for+this.+Perhaps+someone+is+keeping+something+from+you+or+not+being+honest.+Don’t+make+an+issue+of+this,+instead+talk+it+over+calmly+with+those+involved+and+work+towards+a+sensible+compromise,+patience+is+essential.+"

You appear to be rather forgetful and in addition are on the receiving end of some undeserved criticism, and likely to blame yourself for this. Perhaps someone is keeping something from you or not being honest. Don’t make an issue of this, instead talk it over calmly with those involved and work towards a sensible compromise, patience is essential.

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