My Daily Horoscope - Aries - 1st decan

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string(20) "Tuesday,+November+29"

Tuesday, November 29

string(13) "New+freedoms+"

New freedoms

string(365) "You+rarely+experience+such+a+state+of+clarity+and+calm,+which+is+of+great+help+if+you+want+to+settle+any+disputes+with+work+colleagues+or+relatives.+Above+all,+problems+which+you+previously+thought+unresolved+finally+disappear.+Relieved+of+the+weight+of+past+anxieties+and+supported+by+a+positive+attitude,+you+find+excitement+and+new+freedom+to+shape+your+future.+"

You rarely experience such a state of clarity and calm, which is of great help if you want to settle any disputes with work colleagues or relatives. Above all, problems which you previously thought unresolved finally disappear. Relieved of the weight of past anxieties and supported by a positive attitude, you find excitement and new freedom to shape your future.

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