My Daily Horoscope - Aries - 1st decan

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string(21) "Saturday,+February+27"

Saturday, February 27

string(11) "Enthusiasm+"


string(357) "Contemplate+new+challenges+and+plans,+if+you+show+considerable+interest+in+these,+you+encourage+new+friendships.+In+your+personal+life+too,+people+turn+to+you+for+advice.+It’s+vitally+important+to+show+everyone+how+enthusiastic+you+are.+When+you+react+positively,+brilliant+new+friendships+result.+Recreational+activity+helps+get+rid+of+pent-up+feelings.+"

Contemplate new challenges and plans, if you show considerable interest in these, you encourage new friendships. In your personal life too, people turn to you for advice. It?s vitally important to show everyone how enthusiastic you are. When you react positively, brilliant new friendships result. Recreational activity helps get rid of pent-up feelings.

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