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string(15) "Monday,+June+17"

Monday, June 17

string(24) "Enjoyable+conversations+"

Enjoyable conversations

string(317) "You’re+feeling+open,+ready+to+share+your+views,+and+find+collaboration+and+discussions+much+more+enjoyable+than+on+other+occasions.+Important+situations+need+discussing,+so+you+must+try+and+have+that+conversation+about+them+soon.+Whilst+taking+part,+you+put+your+views+persuasively,+but+without+being+too+forceful.+"

You’re feeling open, ready to share your views, and find collaboration and discussions much more enjoyable than on other occasions. Important situations need discussing, so you must try and have that conversation about them soon. Whilst taking part, you put your views persuasively, but without being too forceful.

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