My Daily Horoscope - Cancer - 1st decan

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string(16) "Sunday,+March+26"

Sunday, March 26

string(11) "Challenges+"


string(339) "You+encounter+challenges+with+which+you+must+contend.+Maybe+this+is+because+someone+is+working+against+you+or+simply+knocks+you+off+balance+just+by+being+there.+But+you+must+deal+with+these+challenges+and+show+due+consideration+that+such+hindrances+demand,+otherwise+they+can+easily+affect+your+life+adversely+if+you+don't+deal+with+them.+"

You encounter challenges with which you must contend. Maybe this is because someone is working against you or simply knocks you off balance just by being there. But you must deal with these challenges and show due consideration that such hindrances demand, otherwise they can easily affect your life adversely if you don't deal with them.

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