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string(15) "Monday,+July+24"

Monday, July 24

string(14) "Conversations+"


string(353) "Unlikely+to+ever+be+bored+by+having+so+much+to+do,+those+who+know+you+well+value+your+outspokenness.+Integrity+you+bring+to+the+table+is+ideal+for+dealing+with+any+unresolved+issues+and+is+generally+expected+of+you.+Remember+every+now+and+again+you+need+to+take+a+break+from+conversations,+for+additional+respite+some+deep+breaths+keep+your+mind+clear.+"

Unlikely to ever be bored by having so much to do, those who know you well value your outspokenness. Integrity you bring to the table is ideal for dealing with any unresolved issues and is generally expected of you. Remember every now and again you need to take a break from conversations, for additional respite some deep breaths keep your mind clear.

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