My Daily Horoscope - Cancer - 1st decan

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string(16) "Monday,+August+3"

Monday, August 3

string(15) "Clear+Thoughts+"

Clear Thoughts

string(322) "You+carefully+evaluate+situations+you’re+confronted+with+and+connected+to+your+ambitions.+Circumstances+allow+you+to+improve+your+position+in+ways+that+are+constructive+for+everyone+involved.+It’s+easy+for+you+to+make+yourself+understood,+so+be+sure+to+take+account+of+your+wishes+in+any+agreement+you+decide+to+make.+"

You carefully evaluate situations you’re confronted with and connected to your ambitions. Circumstances allow you to improve your position in ways that are constructive for everyone involved. It’s easy for you to make yourself understood, so be sure to take account of your wishes in any agreement you decide to make.

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