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string(18) "Thursday,+April+25"

Thursday, April 25

string(14) "Impulsiveness+"


string(340) "Unusually+high+energy+levels+are+rather+overwhelming+and+difficult+for+you+to+harness+in+a+constructive,+sensible+way.+Hold+back+or+stay+in+the+background,+importantly+don’t+alienate+people.+Those+you+know+are+intrigued+by+the+way+you+behave,+but+if+you+must+blow+your+top,+do+it+in+private+and+don’t+create+unnecessary+unpleasantness.+"

Unusually high energy levels are rather overwhelming and difficult for you to harness in a constructive, sensible way. Hold back or stay in the background, importantly don’t alienate people. Those you know are intrigued by the way you behave, but if you must blow your top, do it in private and don’t create unnecessary unpleasantness.

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