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string(21) "Thursday,+December+14"

Thursday, December 14

string(13) "Common+sense+"

Common sense

string(365) "Even+when+the+facts+of+the+matter+are+clear+and+the+situation+seems+obvious,+you+must+use+your+common+sense+before+coming+to+a+final+decision.+It+could+well+be+that+loved+ones+are+involved+or+that+there's+more+to+life+than+material+things.+You+see+things+as+they+really+are,+in+their+correct+context+and+have+understanding+to+help+discern+the+correct+path+to+take.+"

Even when the facts of the matter are clear and the situation seems obvious, you must use your common sense before coming to a final decision. It could well be that loved ones are involved or that there's more to life than material things. You see things as they really are, in their correct context and have understanding to help discern the correct path to take.

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