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string(16) "Sunday,+March+24"

Sunday, March 24

string(14) "Helping+hands+"

Helping hands

string(357) "You+communicate+particularly+well+with+those+around+you,+and+when+presenting+plans+with+an+air+of+excitement,+you’re+quickly+able+to+attract+some+enthusiastic+followers.+No+longer+distrustful+you+accept+the+support+you’re+offered.+Open+up+to+the+ideas+of+others+and+perhaps+integrate+these+into+your+plans,+which+propel+your+ambitions+further+forwards.+"

You communicate particularly well with those around you, and when presenting plans with an air of excitement, you’re quickly able to attract some enthusiastic followers. No longer distrustful you accept the support you’re offered. Open up to the ideas of others and perhaps integrate these into your plans, which propel your ambitions further forwards.

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