My Daily Horoscope - Virgo - 3rd decan

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string(18) "Wednesday,+April+8"

Wednesday, April 8

string(16) "Battle+of+words+"

Battle of words

string(365) "If+you+flex+your+mental+muscle+by+provoking+other+people,+they+regard+it+as+a+challenge+and+retaliate+just+as+forcefully.+When+you+and+your+adversary+realize+that+you’re+equals+in+your+verbal+sparring,+stop+the+personal+attacks+and+insults,+otherwise+you+regret+your+actions.+Avoid+this+kind+of+argument+so+you+don’t+end+up+causing+needless+hurt+or+bitterness.+"

If you flex your mental muscle by provoking other people, they regard it as a challenge and retaliate just as forcefully. When you and your adversary realize that you’re equals in your verbal sparring, stop the personal attacks and insults, otherwise you regret your actions. Avoid this kind of argument so you don’t end up causing needless hurt or bitterness.

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