My Daily Horoscope - Virgo - 2nd decan

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string(14) "Sunday,+May+28"

Sunday, May 28

string(11) "Enthusiasm+"


string(349) "Your+energetic+ways+are+admired+and+inspirational+for+others+who+appreciate+your+forthright+attitude.+They+are+attracted+to+your+responsive+approach+in+dealing+with+sensitive+matters.+Ease+up+on+your+recreational+activities,+don't+see+everything+as+a+competition+instead+keep+energy+in+reserve+for+when+there+are+more+difficult+hurdles+to+overcome.+"

Your energetic ways are admired and inspirational for others who appreciate your forthright attitude. They are attracted to your responsive approach in dealing with sensitive matters. Ease up on your recreational activities, don't see everything as a competition instead keep energy in reserve for when there are more difficult hurdles to overcome.

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