My Daily Horoscope - Taurus - 3rd decan

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string(17) "Saturday,+July+11"

Saturday, July 11

string(18) "Success+in+groups+"

Success in groups

string(343) "Your+enthusiasm+makes+it+possible+for+you+to+be+successful+when+working+as+a+team.+You+can+make+your+mark+quietly+when+you+achieve+tasks+together.+However,+remember+that+the+success+of+the+team+is+paramount+-+not+your+ego,+and+goes+a+long+way+to+creating+a+good+atmosphere,+and+any+selfish+conduct+only+damages+relationships+in+the+long+term.+"

Your enthusiasm makes it possible for you to be successful when working as a team. You can make your mark quietly when you achieve tasks together. However, remember that the success of the team is paramount - not your ego, and goes a long way to creating a good atmosphere, and any selfish conduct only damages relationships in the long term.

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