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string(17) "Friday,+August+23"

Friday, August 23

string(9) "Emotions+"


string(349) "You’re+acutely+aware+of+your+feelings,+unperturbed;+you’re+more+in+touch+with+your+emotional+state,+your+thoughts+are+relaxed+and+calm.+Relationships+with+others+are+constructive+-+you+willingly+make+acquaintances+and+relate+well+to+anyone+who+you+happen+to+encounter.+Look+after+your+fitness+otherwise+your+wellbeing+can+be+adversely+affected.+"

You’re acutely aware of your feelings, unperturbed; you’re more in touch with your emotional state, your thoughts are relaxed and calm. Relationships with others are constructive - you willingly make acquaintances and relate well to anyone who you happen to encounter. Look after your fitness otherwise your wellbeing can be adversely affected.

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