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string(18) "Monday,+October+21"

Monday, October 21

string(17) "Control+yourself+"

Control yourself

string(356) "Exercise+self-control+and+don’t+make+agreements+without+first+thinking+them+through.+Otherwise,+you+could+get+involved+in+unnecessary+disagreements.+You+may+receive+an+offer+from+someone+you+find+attractive+but+don’t+be+too+upset+if+it+doesn’t+go+your+way.+Feeling+restless+you+may+resort+to+overeating+but+must+resist+the+temptation+to+overindulge.+"

Exercise self-control and don’t make agreements without first thinking them through. Otherwise, you could get involved in unnecessary disagreements. You may receive an offer from someone you find attractive but don’t be too upset if it doesn’t go your way. Feeling restless you may resort to overeating but must resist the temptation to overindulge.

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