My Daily Horoscope - Scorpio - 3rd decan

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string(17) "Saturday,+July+11"

Saturday, July 11

string(8) "At+ease+"

At ease

string(373) "Physically+and+mentally+fit+you+feel+completely+at+ease.+You+enjoy+the+things+you+do+and+like+to+share+these+experiences+with+those+closest+to+you.+Consequently,+t+is+very+attractive+and+heartening+for+those+around+you+and+helps+strengthen+both+existing+and+new+relationships+alike.+These+provide+you+with+much-needed+support+when+you're+not+feeling+quite+so+self-assured.+"

Physically and mentally fit you feel completely at ease. You enjoy the things you do and like to share these experiences with those closest to you. Consequently, t is very attractive and heartening for those around you and helps strengthen both existing and new relationships alike. These provide you with much-needed support when you're not feeling quite so self-assured.

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