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string(20) "Tuesday,+November+12"

Tuesday, November 12

string(15) "Self-promotion+"


string(352) "You+feel+an+overwhelming+urge+to+create+a+distinct+image,+either+by+boasting+achievements,+exercising+your+freedom+or+flaunting+your+possessions.+Pretentious+conduct+like+this+is+truly+perceived+as+unpleasant.+Instead+you+need+to+value+friendships+and+show+the+respect+they+deserve+by+appreciating+them+over+and+above+your+possessions+or+achievements.+"

You feel an overwhelming urge to create a distinct image, either by boasting achievements, exercising your freedom or flaunting your possessions. Pretentious conduct like this is truly perceived as unpleasant. Instead you need to value friendships and show the respect they deserve by appreciating them over and above your possessions or achievements.

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