My Daily Horoscope - Scorpio - 3rd decan

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string(19) "Monday,+December+11"

Monday, December 11

string(10) "Conflicts+"


string(355) "Normally+very+outgoing+and+sociable,+as+a+matter+of+course+you+push+yourself+forward+at+the+expense+of+others+and+by+doing+so+they+rail+against+you.+Concentrate+on+a+common+goal+rather+than+on+your+own+welfare,+or+if+you+see+others+as+a+hindrance+or+as+competitors,+go+your+own+separate+way.+Be+open+about+any+decisions+to+rule+out+any+misunderstandings.+"

Normally very outgoing and sociable, as a matter of course you push yourself forward at the expense of others and by doing so they rail against you. Concentrate on a common goal rather than on your own welfare, or if you see others as a hindrance or as competitors, go your own separate way. Be open about any decisions to rule out any misunderstandings.

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