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string(18) "Monday,+October+21"

Monday, October 21

string(22) "Creativity+and+beauty+"

Creativity and beauty

string(348) "You’re+resourceful+and+happy+to+spend+time+on+improving+your+appearance+and+behaving+as+well+as+you+possibly+can.+You+feel+affectionate+towards+those+closest+to+you+or+if+single+your+positive+attitude+has+a+marked+effect+on+the+way+you+respond.+Not+feeling+like+anything+too+physically+demanding,+you+prefer+a+good+time+in+pleasant+surroundings.+"

You’re resourceful and happy to spend time on improving your appearance and behaving as well as you possibly can. You feel affectionate towards those closest to you or if single your positive attitude has a marked effect on the way you respond. Not feeling like anything too physically demanding, you prefer a good time in pleasant surroundings.

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