My Daily Horoscope - Scorpio - 2nd decan

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string(19) "Tuesday,+January+21"

Tuesday, January 21

string(16) "Become+creative+"

Become creative

string(371) "Don’t+hesitate+any+longer,+put+some+of+your+wild+ideas+into+practice.+Enhanced+creative+abilities+help+you+do+this+even+if+some+of+your+ideas+are+rather+outlandish.+If+you+have+been+shy+previously+and+reluctant+to+reveal+your+creative+talents,+fearing+ridicule+from+others+-+don’t+be.+You’re+now+able+to+overcome+your+indecision+and+can+expect+a+surprise+response.+"

Don’t hesitate any longer, put some of your wild ideas into practice. Enhanced creative abilities help you do this even if some of your ideas are rather outlandish. If you have been shy previously and reluctant to reveal your creative talents, fearing ridicule from others - don’t be. You’re now able to overcome your indecision and can expect a surprise response.

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