My Daily Horoscope - Scorpio - 2nd decan

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string(14) "Sunday,+May+28"

Sunday, May 28

string(12) "Consistency+"


string(365) "Hold+back+your+emotions+and+put+off+important+conversations+until+much+later.+Otherwise+you+might+ruin+your+chances+by+being+overly+emotional,+remember+to+keep+any+negative+feelings+you+possess+in+check.+Keep+your+inner+life+under+control+by+practicing+dealing+with+your+negative+feelings+and+aggression.+Autogenic+training+or+meditation+are+disciplines+that+help.+"

Hold back your emotions and put off important conversations until much later. Otherwise you might ruin your chances by being overly emotional, remember to keep any negative feelings you possess in check. Keep your inner life under control by practicing dealing with your negative feelings and aggression. Autogenic training or meditation are disciplines that help.

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