My Daily Horoscope - Sagittarius - 3rd decan

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string(18) "Monday,+January+27"

Monday, January 27

string(16) "Tension+in+love+"

Tension in love

string(350) "Within+your+closest+relationships+some+tensions+arise.+Try+to+avoid+spending+too+much+time+with+your+partner+as+it’s+likely+to+lead+to+some+rather+serious+differences+of+opinion+between+you.+Allow+each+other+plenty+of+space+to+attend+to+your+individual+interests.+What+you+have+to+say+to+each+other+afterward+improves+the+relationship+between+you.+"

Within your closest relationships some tensions arise. Try to avoid spending too much time with your partner as it’s likely to lead to some rather serious differences of opinion between you. Allow each other plenty of space to attend to your individual interests. What you have to say to each other afterward improves the relationship between you.

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