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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+13"

Wednesday, November 13

string(21) "Talent+for+diplomacy+"

Talent for diplomacy

string(344) "You+are+remarkably+relaxed+and+physically+fit,+make+sure+this+good+feeling+continues+to+last.+While+your+diplomacy+prevails,+put+some+effort+into+clearing+up+any+prior+misunderstandings,+whether+at+home+or+work.+Don’t+hold+back;+you+are+quite+capable+of+interceding+in+other+people’s+arguments+if+you+want+to+help+resolve+their+issues+too.+"

You are remarkably relaxed and physically fit, make sure this good feeling continues to last. While your diplomacy prevails, put some effort into clearing up any prior misunderstandings, whether at home or work. Don’t hold back; you are quite capable of interceding in other people’s arguments if you want to help resolve their issues too.

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