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string(18) "Thursday,+April+25"

Thursday, April 25

string(14) "Concentration+"


string(344) "Focusing+in+a+concentrated+way+helps+put+into+perspective+everything+you’re+now+trying+to+achieve.+Your+powers+of+reasoning+work+like+clockwork+and+you+recognize+what+is+important+in+your+life.+Later+when+the+outlook+is+not+so+conducive+this+exercise+stands+you+in+good+stead,+you+know+what+you+consider+valuable+and+what+you+can+do+without.+"

Focusing in a concentrated way helps put into perspective everything you’re now trying to achieve. Your powers of reasoning work like clockwork and you recognize what is important in your life. Later when the outlook is not so conducive this exercise stands you in good stead, you know what you consider valuable and what you can do without.

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