My Daily Horoscope - Pisces - 3rd decan

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string(18) "Saturday,+April+13"

Saturday, April 13

string(12) "Mood+swings+"

Mood swings

string(349) "You+take+out+your+anger+on+those+people+you’re+closest+to,+and+this+eventually+rebounds+on+you.+Improve+your+attitude+instead+of+blaming+others+for+your+continual+mood+swings+that+frequently+cause+needless+upsets+in+your+relationships.+Don’t+do+too+much,+set+aside+some+quiet+time+and+examine+your+feelings+to+restore+your+emotional+well-being.+"

You take out your anger on those people you?re closest to, and this eventually rebounds on you. Improve your attitude instead of blaming others for your continual mood swings that frequently cause needless upsets in your relationships. Don?t do too much, set aside some quiet time and examine your feelings to restore your emotional well-being.

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