My Daily Horoscope - Pisces - 3rd decan

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string(15) "Sunday,+April+5"

Sunday, April 5

string(11) "Alert+Mind+"

Alert Mind

string(333) "You+present+your+ideas+and+thoughts+powerfully,+knowing+what+you+want+to+convey,+you+are+unafraid+of+confrontation+and+perfectly+capable+of+applying+your+considerable+abilities+and+responding+positively.+As+a+result,+you+appear+arrogant+and+a+bit+of+a+know-all.+Remember+though+that+you+can+always+learn+something+from+other+people.+"

You present your ideas and thoughts powerfully, knowing what you want to convey, you are unafraid of confrontation and perfectly capable of applying your considerable abilities and responding positively. As a result, you appear arrogant and a bit of a know-all. Remember though that you can always learn something from other people.

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