My Daily Horoscope - Pisces - 3rd decan

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string(21) "Wednesday,+February+8"

Wednesday, February 8

string(16) "Being+Agreeable+"

Being Agreeable

string(348) "The+confidence+you+display+makes+people+more+amenable+to+your+suggestions.+Such+blunt+honesty+may+lead+to+arguments,+but+if+you+maintain+your+flexibility,+you+easily+sort+out+any+misunderstandings.+Take+some+time+out+to+look+at+your+overall+approach,+to+think+about+what+it+is+you+need,+and+become+more+aware+of+your+physical+and+mental+processes.+"

The confidence you display makes people more amenable to your suggestions. Such blunt honesty may lead to arguments, but if you maintain your flexibility, you easily sort out any misunderstandings. Take some time out to look at your overall approach, to think about what it is you need, and become more aware of your physical and mental processes.

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