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string(17) "Friday,+August+23"

Friday, August 23

string(17) "Turbulent+events+"

Turbulent events

string(360) "Despite+your+popularity,+it’s+important+you+do+not+place+too+many+demands+on+yourself.+You+may+become+involved+in+lengthy+discussions+involving+future+commitments+you+are+reluctant+to+make.+Have+no+fear+-+you+have+the+talent+to+communicate+your+views+clearly+to+those+that+matter+most.+As+a+result,+you+easily+make+yourself+understood+and+reap+the+benefits.+"

Despite your popularity, it’s important you do not place too many demands on yourself. You may become involved in lengthy discussions involving future commitments you are reluctant to make. Have no fear - you have the talent to communicate your views clearly to those that matter most. As a result, you easily make yourself understood and reap the benefits.

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