My Daily Horoscope - Libra - 2nd decan

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string(19) "Tuesday,+January+18"

Tuesday, January 18

string(22) "Guarded+conversations+"

Guarded conversations

string(358) "It’s+difficult+for+anyone+to+dupe+or+deceive+you.+You’re+far+more+guarded+than+usual+and+others+are+unlikely+to+gain+the+upper+hand+in+any+form+of+dialogue+you+engage+in.+In+the+most+sensitive+conversations,+the+clear+explanation+of+your+position+is+appreciated,+and+the+chance+of+an+amicable+compromise+is+likely,+even+if+agreement+is+rather+drawn+out.+"

It?s difficult for anyone to dupe or deceive you. You?re far more guarded than usual and others are unlikely to gain the upper hand in any form of dialogue you engage in. In the most sensitive conversations, the clear explanation of your position is appreciated, and the chance of an amicable compromise is likely, even if agreement is rather drawn out.

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