My Daily Horoscope - Libra - 2nd decan

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string(20) "Wednesday,+August+17"

Wednesday, August 17

string(11) "Many+tasks+"

Many tasks

string(353) "Marked+out+by+being+a+busy+period,+you+seem+to+have+at+least+two+things+to+do+at+once+that+require+your+attention.+You+don't+get+any+peace+or+quiet+and+you’re+needlessly+put+under+undue+amounts+of+pressure.+Sort+out+your+thoughts+before+you+take+on+any+more+tasks+and+think+carefully+about+what+you+really+must+do,+and+what+you+can+pass+on+to+others.+"

Marked out by being a busy period, you seem to have at least two things to do at once that require your attention. You don't get any peace or quiet and you?re needlessly put under undue amounts of pressure. Sort out your thoughts before you take on any more tasks and think carefully about what you really must do, and what you can pass on to others.

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