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string(17) "Friday,+August+23"

Friday, August 23

string(23) "Successful+discussions+"

Successful discussions

string(374) "Any+discussion+of+plans+on+the+agenda+are+likely+to+turn+out+well.+You+express+your+point+of+view,+which+is+enthusiastically+received+and+understood.+If+you+do+experience+any+opposition,+be+sure+to+react+positively+and+make+it+a+win-win+situation.+Both+parties+profit+from+uniting+to+achieve+a+common+aim+and+accomplishment+of+this+aim+must+be+your+most+important+priority.+"

Any discussion of plans on the agenda are likely to turn out well. You express your point of view, which is enthusiastically received and understood. If you do experience any opposition, be sure to react positively and make it a win-win situation. Both parties profit from uniting to achieve a common aim and accomplishment of this aim must be your most important priority.

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