My Daily Horoscope - Leo - 2nd decan

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string(19) "Tuesday,+January+21"

Tuesday, January 21

string(10) "Deceptive+"


string(357) "You+think+you're+seeing+things+as+they+are+but,+your+point+of+view+isn't+the+only+one.+Rid+yourself+of+delusions+and+accept+that+other+people+have+ideas+of+their+own+and+in+this+way+your+viewpoint+gains+a+degree+of+credibility.+Don't+try+to+be+right+all+the+time,+accept+other+people's+opinions,+playing+down+your+strength+you’re+able+to+avoid+arguments.+"

You think you're seeing things as they are but, your point of view isn't the only one. Rid yourself of delusions and accept that other people have ideas of their own and in this way your viewpoint gains a degree of credibility. Don't try to be right all the time, accept other people's opinions, playing down your strength you’re able to avoid arguments.

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