My Daily Horoscope - Gemini - 3rd decan

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string(15) "Sunday,+April+5"

Sunday, April 5

string(18) "Strong+dedication+"

Strong dedication

string(359) "Fully+committed+with+plenty+of+energy+available,+your+enthusiasm+makes+you+feel+more+restless+than+you+normally+are.+If+you’re+the+type+of+person+to+make+your+feelings+known,+lighten+up+and+take+it+easy+and+be+sure+not+to+exaggerate+or+overreact,+as+others+find+any+unduly+overbearing+conduct,+or+loyalty+and+dedication+to+your+cause+difficult+to+tolerate.+"

Fully committed with plenty of energy available, your enthusiasm makes you feel more restless than you normally are. If you’re the type of person to make your feelings known, lighten up and take it easy and be sure not to exaggerate or overreact, as others find any unduly overbearing conduct, or loyalty and dedication to your cause difficult to tolerate.

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