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string(17) "Friday,+August+23"

Friday, August 23

string(18) "Richness+of+ideas+"

Richness of ideas

string(353) "Faced+with+a+variety+of+ideas+to+help+you+progress+or+make+your+everyday+life+easier,+make+sure+you+don’t+needlessly+get+overwhelmed+with+the+diversity+of+opportunities,+instead+concentrate+on+one+thought+you’re+able+to+put+into+practice.+Note+down+any+other+ideas+and+come+back+to+them+later+when+fresh+objectives+are+limited+and+not+easy+to+find.+"

Faced with a variety of ideas to help you progress or make your everyday life easier, make sure you don’t needlessly get overwhelmed with the diversity of opportunities, instead concentrate on one thought you’re able to put into practice. Note down any other ideas and come back to them later when fresh objectives are limited and not easy to find.

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