My Daily Horoscope - Gemini - 2nd decan

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string(16) "Sunday,+March+26"

Sunday, March 26

string(20) "Exchange+of+Opinion+"

Exchange of Opinion

string(351) "You're+able+to+express+your+thoughts+accurately+and+with+exceptional+clarity.+So,+if+you+have+something+to+discuss,+do+it+as+soon+as+possible.+Don't+try+to+appear+too+rational+and+cool,+instead,+make+it+clear+to+others+how+important+their+opinions+are+to+you.+Both+sides+can+benefit+from+an+open+exchange+of+ideas+or+contribute+to+clear+up+a+dispute.+"

You're able to express your thoughts accurately and with exceptional clarity. So, if you have something to discuss, do it as soon as possible. Don't try to appear too rational and cool, instead, make it clear to others how important their opinions are to you. Both sides can benefit from an open exchange of ideas or contribute to clear up a dispute.

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