My Daily Horoscope - Gemini - 2nd decan

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string(20) "Tuesday,+November+29"

Tuesday, November 29

string(23) "Differences+of+opinion+"

Differences of opinion

string(377) "No+one+seems+to+agree+with+you,+it’s+obvious+you’re+the+one+that’s+right,+but+it’s+advisable+in+this+case+to+hold+back+if+you+can,+as+long+as+this+doesn't+have+any+adverse+consequences,+otherwise+things+get+out+of+control.+Eventually+they+see+their+error+for+themselves+and+come+around+to+your+point+of+view+without+losing+face,+next+time+they’re+inclined+to+listen.+"

No one seems to agree with you, it?s obvious you?re the one that?s right, but it?s advisable in this case to hold back if you can, as long as this doesn't have any adverse consequences, otherwise things get out of control. Eventually they see their error for themselves and come around to your point of view without losing face, next time they?re inclined to listen.

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