My Daily Horoscope - Gemini - 2nd decan

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string(17) "Monday,+October+2"

Monday, October 2

string(15) "Hyper+activity+"

Hyper activity

string(358) "You're+really+bursting+with+energy+and+this+may+lead+to+projects+being+realized,+but+the+truth+is+people+perceive+you+as+being+hyper+active,+running+around+in+circles.+Slow+down+a+little+and+inform+them+of+your+plans.+If+there+is+room+for+others+in+your+projects,+you’re+able+to+achieve+much+more+together+and+channel+your+energies+in+the+right+direction.+"

You're really bursting with energy and this may lead to projects being realized, but the truth is people perceive you as being hyper active, running around in circles. Slow down a little and inform them of your plans. If there is room for others in your projects, you?re able to achieve much more together and channel your energies in the right direction.

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