My Daily Horoscope - Capricorn - 3rd decan

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string(16) "Sunday,+March+26"

Sunday, March 26

string(12) "Remain+Calm+"

Remain Calm

string(314) "You+overreact+and+get+the+impression+someone+is+hiding+something+from+you.+It’s+important+you+don't+dramatize+these+thoughts+about+your+personal+life,+which+can+make+you+feel+anxious.+Remain+patient+until+you're+less+easily+provoked+and+deal+with+serious+problems+on+another+day.+You+benefit+from+taking+a+rest.+"

You overreact and get the impression someone is hiding something from you. It?s important you don't dramatize these thoughts about your personal life, which can make you feel anxious. Remain patient until you're less easily provoked and deal with serious problems on another day. You benefit from taking a rest.

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