My Daily Horoscope - Capricorn - 2nd decan

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string(20) "Tuesday,+February+27"

Tuesday, February 27

string(12) "Ill+Feeling+"

Ill Feeling

string(353) "Out+of+sorts+and+prone+to+being+easily+disheartened+or+something+of+that+ilk,+you+don't+feel+in+particularly+good+shape.+Do+anything+you+can+to+improve+the+way+you+feel,+maybe+by+taking+a+break+and+ridding+yourself+of+as+much+stress+as+possible.+Get+home+early,+prepare+yourself+a+good+meal,+preferably+with+friends+or+family,+to+regain+your+composure.+"

Out of sorts and prone to being easily disheartened or something of that ilk, you don't feel in particularly good shape. Do anything you can to improve the way you feel, maybe by taking a break and ridding yourself of as much stress as possible. Get home early, prepare yourself a good meal, preferably with friends or family, to regain your composure.

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