My Daily Horoscope - Cancer - 3rd decan

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string(18) "Wednesday,+April+8"

Wednesday, April 8

string(14) "Feeling+Tense+"

Feeling Tense

string(320) "You+are+feeling+unusually+tense,+and+it+is+unwise+to+speculate+as+to+the+reason+why.+Instead,+accept+it+is+just+the+way+you+feel.+You+should+not+take+any+differences+of+opinion+too+seriously.+If+you+say+something+wrong,+apologize,+people+are+likely+to+forgive+you,+everyone+knows+bad+moods+pass+as+quickly+as+they+come.+"

You are feeling unusually tense, and it is unwise to speculate as to the reason why. Instead, accept it is just the way you feel. You should not take any differences of opinion too seriously. If you say something wrong, apologize, people are likely to forgive you, everyone knows bad moods pass as quickly as they come.

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