My Daily Horoscope - Cancer - 3rd decan

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string(14) "Sunday,+May+28"

Sunday, May 28

string(12) "Sensitivity+"


string(354) "Beauty+seems+important+to+you,+and+if+you’re+particularly+conscious+of+appearances,+this+could+take+on+an+exaggerated+form.+However,+don't+attach+too+much+importance+to+the+way+you+look+or+judge+others+by+appearance+alone.+If+you’ve+neglected+your+body,+it+is+time+to+rectify+this.+Put+a+nutrition+plan+together+and+put+in+place+an+exercise+routine.+"

Beauty seems important to you, and if you?re particularly conscious of appearances, this could take on an exaggerated form. However, don't attach too much importance to the way you look or judge others by appearance alone. If you?ve neglected your body, it is time to rectify this. Put a nutrition plan together and put in place an exercise routine.

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