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string(15) "Monday,+July+22"

Monday, July 22

string(20) "Difficult+Situation+"

Difficult Situation

string(313) "Unsure+of+what+you+want+to+accomplish,+you’re+reluctant+to+make+any+commitments.+Normally+others+appreciate+you+for+your+thoughtfulness,+but+you+seem+unable+to+cope+with+your+tense+feelings.+As+a+result,+those+around+you+are+wary+of+what+you+might+say+or+do.+Try+to+relax+to+keep+your+restless+thoughts+at+bay.+"

Unsure of what you want to accomplish, you’re reluctant to make any commitments. Normally others appreciate you for your thoughtfulness, but you seem unable to cope with your tense feelings. As a result, those around you are wary of what you might say or do. Try to relax to keep your restless thoughts at bay.

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