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string(17) "Friday,+August+23"

Friday, August 23

string(22) "Take+Care+of+Yourself+"

Take Care of Yourself

string(329) "You+can’t+change+the+way+you+feel,+consequently,+if+you+can,+take+it+easy+and+don’t+place+yourself+in+any+unnecessarily+stressful+situations.+Avoid+stepping+out+of+your+comfort+zone,+stay+in+familiar+surroundings,+spend+time+relaxing+in+the+company+of+those+you+know,+until+you+have+regained+your+usual+energy+and+composure.+"

You can’t change the way you feel, consequently, if you can, take it easy and don’t place yourself in any unnecessarily stressful situations. Avoid stepping out of your comfort zone, stay in familiar surroundings, spend time relaxing in the company of those you know, until you have regained your usual energy and composure.

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