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string(22) "Wednesday,+November+13"

Wednesday, November 13

string(11) "Free+Space+"

Free Space

string(308) "Unable+to+connect+with+others+as+easily+as+normal,+you+feel+misunderstood,+deciding+those+around+you+are+behaving+unacceptably.+It+is+important+to+allow+some+distance+between+you,+rather+than+have+endless+discussions.+Incorporate+their+point+of+view+and+feelings+which+ultimately+enhances+your+relationship.+"

Unable to connect with others as easily as normal, you feel misunderstood, deciding those around you are behaving unacceptably. It is important to allow some distance between you, rather than have endless discussions. Incorporate their point of view and feelings which ultimately enhances your relationship.

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