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string(18) "Monday,+October+21"

Monday, October 21

string(17) "Stronger+visions+"

Stronger visions

string(344) "You+find+it+difficult+to+make+up+your+mind+about+exactly+what+to+do,+but+you+feel+it+must+be+something+meaningful.+You+only+resist+strong+visions+relating+to+possessions+or+power+or+concerning+erotic+experiences+with+a+great+deal+of+effort.+Explore+troublesome+feelings+you’ve+awakened+that+may+have+remained+dormant,+hidden+for+a+long+time.+"

You find it difficult to make up your mind about exactly what to do, but you feel it must be something meaningful. You only resist strong visions relating to possessions or power or concerning erotic experiences with a great deal of effort. Explore troublesome feelings you’ve awakened that may have remained dormant, hidden for a long time.

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