My Daily Horoscope - Aquarius - 2nd decan

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string(19) "Tuesday,+January+21"

Tuesday, January 21

string(11) "Relaxation+"


string(357) "Tensions+you+have+been+aware+of+ease+after+much+confusion,+uncertainty,+and+some+emotional+outbursts,+they+eventually+give+way+to+and+are+replaced+by+a+more+relaxed+and+peaceful+atmosphere.+All+doubts+and+misgivings+get+fully+resolved,+a+quiet+stress-free+atmosphere+returns,+finally+making+way+for+activities+to+agreeably+continue+much+as+they+did+before.+"

Tensions you have been aware of ease after much confusion, uncertainty, and some emotional outbursts, they eventually give way to and are replaced by a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. All doubts and misgivings get fully resolved, a quiet stress-free atmosphere returns, finally making way for activities to agreeably continue much as they did before.

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