Horoskop harian saya - Taurus - Decanate Ketiga

Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(18) "Friday,+December+2"

Friday, December 2

string(14) "Entanglements+"


string(358) "Involved+in+differences+of+opinion+which+are+of+minor+concern+to+you,+don't+react+or+get+caught+up+and+respond+angrily+or+nervously.+With+a+little+patience+and+some+constructive+dialog,+all+misunderstandings+are+cleared+up.+If+things+become+too+much+for+you,+take+a+walk+in+the+woods,+some+meditation+or+a+relaxing+bath+can+ease+any+tension+and+do+you+good.+"

Involved in differences of opinion which are of minor concern to you, don't react or get caught up and respond angrily or nervously. With a little patience and some constructive dialog, all misunderstandings are cleared up. If things become too much for you, take a walk in the woods, some meditation or a relaxing bath can ease any tension and do you good.

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