Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(21) "Thursday,+November+21"

Thursday, November 21

string(21) "Communication+is+key+"

Communication is key

string(352) "If+things+don’t+turn+out+exactly+the+way+you+expect,+don’t+over+react+instead+be+as+diplomatic+as+you+can+and+accept+support+when+offered.+Speak+out,+let+your+feelings+be+known,+communicate+more+clearly+with+those+closest+to+you+otherwise+they+have+no+idea+how+things+look+from+your+perspective.+Pay+attention+to+your+diet+and+get+sufficient+rest.+"

If things don’t turn out exactly the way you expect, don’t over react instead be as diplomatic as you can and accept support when offered. Speak out, let your feelings be known, communicate more clearly with those closest to you otherwise they have no idea how things look from your perspective. Pay attention to your diet and get sufficient rest.

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