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string(18) "Wednesday,+July+24"

Wednesday, July 24

string(13) "React+Calmly+"

React Calmly

string(347) "You+must+react+calmly+to+any+gibes+or+provocation+from+the+people+you+know.+If+you+feel+deceived,+be+careful+in+whom+you+confide.+You+tend+to+weigh+each+word+too+carefully+and+overreact+to+the+slightest+criticism.+You+should+deal+only+with+those+who+don't+take+your+mood+too+seriously+and+know+how+to+handle+it.+Resting+will+make+you+feel+better.+"

You must react calmly to any gibes or provocation from the people you know. If you feel deceived, be careful in whom you confide. You tend to weigh each word too carefully and overreact to the slightest criticism. You should deal only with those who don't take your mood too seriously and know how to handle it. Resting will make you feel better.

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