Horoskop harian saya - Taurus - Decanate Pertama

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string(15) "Friday,+July+10"

Friday, July 10

string(16) "Extra+sensitive+"

Extra sensitive

string(362) "You're+extremely+quick-tempered+and+once+angered+you+react+unfairly+towards+the+people+you+encounter.+You+appear+to+be+overly+stressed,+and+needlessly+show+your+annoyance+over+the+slightest+of+things.+Hold+back+and+refrain+from+reacting+so+impulsively.+If+you+can't+manage+to+control+your+feelings+adequately,+then+postpone+important+decisions+until+much+later.+"

You're extremely quick-tempered and once angered you react unfairly towards the people you encounter. You appear to be overly stressed, and needlessly show your annoyance over the slightest of things. Hold back and refrain from reacting so impulsively. If you can't manage to control your feelings adequately, then postpone important decisions until much later.

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