Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(20) "Tuesday,+November+12"

Tuesday, November 12

string(11) "Popularity+"


string(353) "Your+charm+and+spontaneity+mean+you+win+people+over+easily,+and+they’re+eager+to+spend+time+with+you,+making+you+a+welcome+guest+for+all+who+know+you.+It+would+not+hurt+for+you+to+pay+some+attention+to+the+less+prepossessing+or+eye-catching+people+around+you+too,+you+may+discover+that+they’re+more+interesting+and+have+something+worthwhile+to+say.+"

Your charm and spontaneity mean you win people over easily, and they’re eager to spend time with you, making you a welcome guest for all who know you. It would not hurt for you to pay some attention to the less prepossessing or eye-catching people around you too, you may discover that they’re more interesting and have something worthwhile to say.

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