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string(18) "Wednesday,+July+28"

Wednesday, July 28

string(21) "All-round+well-being+"

All-round well-being

string(373) "Others+come+to+you+for+advice+and+help,+boosting+your+confidence+and+self-belief.+You’re+a+calming+influence+and+possess+the+ability+to+take+on+any+challenge.+Your+physical+condition+is+excellent+but+improves+greatly+with+recreational+activities+which+prepare+you+for+hectic+times+ahead.+Closer+to+your+heart,+you+experience+complete+joy+and+harmony+with+those+you+love.+"

Others come to you for advice and help, boosting your confidence and self-belief. You?re a calming influence and possess the ability to take on any challenge. Your physical condition is excellent but improves greatly with recreational activities which prepare you for hectic times ahead. Closer to your heart, you experience complete joy and harmony with those you love.

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