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string(21) "Wednesday,+February+8"

Wednesday, February 8

string(21) "Uncontrolled+desires+"

Uncontrolled desires

string(357) "Even+though+things+you+want+vary+and+are+often+out+of+reach,+you're+prepared+to+spend+a+lot+of+time+and+money+on+them+or+take+risks+to+turn+them+into+reality.+Keep+in+mind+that+yearning+after+the+impossible+is+usually+more+intense+than+the+satisfaction+eventually+gained+from+it.+However,+if+the+things+you+want+aren't+just+a+whim,+you+eventually+get+them.+"

Even though things you want vary and are often out of reach, you're prepared to spend a lot of time and money on them or take risks to turn them into reality. Keep in mind that yearning after the impossible is usually more intense than the satisfaction eventually gained from it. However, if the things you want aren't just a whim, you eventually get them.

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