Horoskop harian saya - Sagittarius - Decanate Pertama

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string(14) "Sunday,+May+28"

Sunday, May 28

string(15) "Restless+times+"

Restless times

string(344) "Your+exuberance+tends+to+wear+you+down,+instead+of+as+you+might+expect+to+propel+you+forward.+If+you+don’t+repress+this+urge,+you+don’t+get+very+far.+Your+irritable+nature+causes+you+to+make+inappropriate+decisions+and+leads+to+arguments+with+almost+everyone+you+meet.+Try+to+withstand+these+pressures+until+this+restless+phase+has+passed.+"

Your exuberance tends to wear you down, instead of as you might expect to propel you forward. If you don?t repress this urge, you don?t get very far. Your irritable nature causes you to make inappropriate decisions and leads to arguments with almost everyone you meet. Try to withstand these pressures until this restless phase has passed.

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