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Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(20) "Friday,+September+30"

Friday, September 30

string(18) "Pleasant+emotions+"

Pleasant emotions

string(355) "You’re+readily+able+to+express+how+you+feel,+any+shared+responsibilities,+activities+or+agreements+with+others+are+a+lot+easier+to+make.+The+composure+you+show+is+noticed+and+picked+up+on+by+everyone.+You+encounter+problems+only+when+you+are+fearful+of+your+feelings+and+unable+to+express+them,+try+to+accept+the+way+you+feel+before+denying+they+exist.+"

You?re readily able to express how you feel, any shared responsibilities, activities or agreements with others are a lot easier to make. The composure you show is noticed and picked up on by everyone. You encounter problems only when you are fearful of your feelings and unable to express them, try to accept the way you feel before denying they exist.

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