Horoskop harian saya - Sagittarius - Decanate Kedua

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string(15) "Sunday,+June+11"

Sunday, June 11

string(16) "Wavering+energy+"

Wavering energy

string(364) "You’re+torn+between+the+desire+to+achieve+certain+things+and+the+realization+that+there+are+limits+to+accomplishing+them.+Don’t+be+so+unrestrained+and+insist+in+attempting+to+break+through+these+barriers,+since+those+around+you+lose+patience+and+desert+you.+Wait+until+you+calm+down+and+then+provide+others+with+a+greater+degree+of+understanding+and+patience.+"

You?re torn between the desire to achieve certain things and the realization that there are limits to accomplishing them. Don?t be so unrestrained and insist in attempting to break through these barriers, since those around you lose patience and desert you. Wait until you calm down and then provide others with a greater degree of understanding and patience.

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