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string(18) "Wednesday,+July+24"

Wednesday, July 24

string(16) "Personal+wishes+"

Personal wishes

string(367) "A+long-cherished+wish+is+forcing+itself+into+your+consciousness+and+onto+the+agenda.+You+sense+an+inner+pressure+to+invest+all+your+energy+in+fulfilling+this+desire.+Work+out+why+this+wish+has+suddenly+become+so+strong,+check+if+it's+really+about+your+wish,+or+if+it’s+a+result+of+what+others+expect.+If+it’s+the+latter,+it’s+time+to+work+out+your+own+desires.+"

A long-cherished wish is forcing itself into your consciousness and onto the agenda. You sense an inner pressure to invest all your energy in fulfilling this desire. Work out why this wish has suddenly become so strong, check if it's really about your wish, or if it?s a result of what others expect. If it?s the latter, it?s time to work out your own desires.

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