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string(14) "Sunday,+May+22"

Sunday, May 22

string(16) "Outgoing+nature+"

Outgoing nature

string(354) "Your+outgoing+and+optimistic+attitude+makes+you+popular,+you+feel+confident+about+meeting+new+people+and+striking+up+conversations.+The+impression+you+portray+is+of+understanding+and+sympathy,+and+you+may+well+encounter+someone+important+-+even+the+love+of+your+life.+You+sort+out+any+previous+differences+otherwise,+you+end+up+feeling+needlessly+upset.+"

Your outgoing and optimistic attitude makes you popular, you feel confident about meeting new people and striking up conversations. The impression you portray is of understanding and sympathy, and you may well encounter someone important - even the love of your life. You sort out any previous differences otherwise, you end up feeling needlessly upset.

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