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string(20) "Friday,+September+30"

Friday, September 30

string(15) "Inner+tensions+"

Inner tensions

string(348) "You’re+feeling+a+bit+tense+and+have+been+unable+to+understand+why.+There+isn't+a+reason+why+you’re+suffering+from+such+unjustified+pressure,+you+should+be+in+the+best+of+moods,+but+instead,+you+feel+worse+than+usual.+Don't+grumble+about+this+just+accept+the+way+you+feel.+Your+ill-tempered+manner+vanishes+just+as+quickly+as+it+first+appeared.+"

You?re feeling a bit tense and have been unable to understand why. There isn't a reason why you?re suffering from such unjustified pressure, you should be in the best of moods, but instead, you feel worse than usual. Don't grumble about this just accept the way you feel. Your ill-tempered manner vanishes just as quickly as it first appeared.

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