Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(17) "Monday,+August+26"

Monday, August 26

string(11) "Charged+up+"

Charged up

string(336) "It’s+nice+to+think+that+your+sparkling+creativity+lets+you+get+a+lot+done,+but+the+opposite+is+true.+You+feel+jaded,+and+it’s+difficult+to+make+decisions+or+be+assertive.+Your+emotional+state+inclines+you+to+overindulgence,+and+anti-social+conduct+results,+rather+than+your+normal+friendly+self.+Practical+common+sense+is+required.+"

It’s nice to think that your sparkling creativity lets you get a lot done, but the opposite is true. You feel jaded, and it’s difficult to make decisions or be assertive. Your emotional state inclines you to overindulgence, and anti-social conduct results, rather than your normal friendly self. Practical common sense is required.

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