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string(20) "Thursday,+February+2"

Thursday, February 2

string(21) "Exchange+of+Opinions+"

Exchange of Opinions

string(353) "Your+words+are+positively+received,+leading+to+a+frank+exchange+of+opinions.+If+you+approach+others+openly+and+honestly,+they+take+note+of+your+good+intentions+and+reciprocate.+Each+allows+criticism+of+each+other,+and+you+both+can+air+any+concerns+you+want+to+discuss.+Don’t+ignore+what’s+said,+but+try+to+deal+honestly+with+the+points+made+to+you.+"

Your words are positively received, leading to a frank exchange of opinions. If you approach others openly and honestly, they take note of your good intentions and reciprocate. Each allows criticism of each other, and you both can air any concerns you want to discuss. Don?t ignore what?s said, but try to deal honestly with the points made to you.

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