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string(19) "Wednesday,+March+22"

Wednesday, March 22

string(26) "Differences+among+friends+"

Differences among friends

string(365) "You+have+differences+with+your+friends.+Before+you+worry+too+much,+bear+in+mind+the+extent+of+the+differences.+It’s+only+a+bit+of+a+squabble+that+cannot+threaten+a+solid+friendship.+Don't+take+it+too+seriously+but+do+say+you’re+sorry+if+you+said+something+that+you+now+regret.+When+those+affected+understand+that+you+regret+what+you+said,+they+can+forgive+you.+"

You have differences with your friends. Before you worry too much, bear in mind the extent of the differences. It?s only a bit of a squabble that cannot threaten a solid friendship. Don't take it too seriously but do say you?re sorry if you said something that you now regret. When those affected understand that you regret what you said, they can forgive you.

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