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string(22) "Wednesday,+February+19"

Wednesday, February 19

string(20) "Contradictory+goals+"

Contradictory goals

string(338) "For+far+too+long+you+pursue+too+many+goals+where+the+eventual+outcome+is+likely+to+be+at+odds,+in+other+words+they+contradict+each+other,+and+one+goal+stops+you+reaching+or+getting+closer+to+the+other+and+vice+versa.+You+must+decide+which+goal+is+most+important+and+concentrate+all+your+energy+on+that+goal,+inevitably+you+make+progress.+"

For far too long you pursue too many goals where the eventual outcome is likely to be at odds, in other words they contradict each other, and one goal stops you reaching or getting closer to the other and vice versa. You must decide which goal is most important and concentrate all your energy on that goal, inevitably you make progress.

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