Horoskop harian saya - Cancer - Decanate Pertama

Tempat untuk memasukkan tarikh lahir

string(18) "Tuesday,+October+4"

Tuesday, October 4

string(19) "Unrealistic+wishes+"

Unrealistic wishes

string(348) "Although+everything+runs+smoothly,+you’re+not+quite+satisfied,+wanting+praise+from+everyone+and+expecting+special+treatment.+You're+unreceptive+and+don't+seem+capable+of+trying+to+do+anything+positive+about+your+position.+Perhaps+what+you+yearn+for+is+far+too+unrealistic.+If+you+give+up+wishful+thinking+your+frustration+is+likely+to+disappear.+"

Although everything runs smoothly, you?re not quite satisfied, wanting praise from everyone and expecting special treatment. You're unreceptive and don't seem capable of trying to do anything positive about your position. Perhaps what you yearn for is far too unrealistic. If you give up wishful thinking your frustration is likely to disappear.

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