Horoskop harian saya - Aries - Decanate Ketiga

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string(19) "Tuesday,+October+20"

Tuesday, October 20

string(13) "Stubbornness+"


string(352) "You+achieve+so+much,+yet+are+less+satisfied+than+ever.+Thinking+you’re+able+to+progress+further+by+using+determination+and+force,+you+jeopardize+previous+success+and+upset+your+composure.+Take+a+step+back,+regain+your+self-control,+what+seemed+an+insurmountable+problem+is+easily+resolved+when+you're+not+so+intent+on+bulldozing+your+way+through+it.+"

You achieve so much, yet are less satisfied than ever. Thinking you’re able to progress further by using determination and force, you jeopardize previous success and upset your composure. Take a step back, regain your self-control, what seemed an insurmountable problem is easily resolved when you're not so intent on bulldozing your way through it.

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