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string(20) "Sunday,+September+19"

Sunday, September 19

string(19) "Fuss+about+nothing+"

Fuss about nothing

string(334) "You+make+a+lot+of+fuss+about+nothing,+every+occasion+you+meet+others,+discussions+and+conversations+appear+to+get+out+of+control+or+at+least+aren't+very+friendly.+These+disputes+really+aren't+about+anything+or+indeed+important,+avoid+them+as+much+as+you+can,+retreat+gracefully,+practice+being+patient,+even+if+it+isn't+easy+for+you.+"

You make a lot of fuss about nothing, every occasion you meet others, discussions and conversations appear to get out of control or at least aren't very friendly. These disputes really aren't about anything or indeed important, avoid them as much as you can, retreat gracefully, practice being patient, even if it isn't easy for you.

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