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string(16) "Sunday,+March+26"

Sunday, March 26

string(16) "Lack+of+control+"

Lack of control

string(364) "Beware+of+letting+yourself+become+out+of+control,+unable+to+achieve+much+because+you’re+so+moody+and+hostile+towards+the+people+you’re+supposed+to+care+for+most+of+all.+Practice+self-discipline,+don’t+eat+or+drink+too+much+and+end+up+feeling+dejected.+Your+mood+improves+when+you+realize+you’re+able+to+control+your+impulses,+and+not+let+them+control+you.+"

Beware of letting yourself become out of control, unable to achieve much because you?re so moody and hostile towards the people you?re supposed to care for most of all. Practice self-discipline, don?t eat or drink too much and end up feeling dejected. Your mood improves when you realize you?re able to control your impulses, and not let them control you.

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