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string(20) "Wednesday,+August+12"

Wednesday, August 12

string(28) "Irritability+and+Aggression+"

Irritability and Aggression

string(366) "You+are+likely+to+feel+more+aggressive+and+irritable+than+usual.+You+overreact+to+the+slightest+thing.+Such+an+offhand+manner+might+get+you+into+trouble+with+others+you+encounter,+so+it’s+important+to+exercise+plenty+of+caution.+The+same+is+true+in+your+personal+life.+Let+off+some+steam+by+doing+sports+or+any+suitable+physical+activity,+on+your+own+if+possible.+"

You are likely to feel more aggressive and irritable than usual. You overreact to the slightest thing. Such an offhand manner might get you into trouble with others you encounter, so it’s important to exercise plenty of caution. The same is true in your personal life. Let off some steam by doing sports or any suitable physical activity, on your own if possible.

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